First in Food

The freshest FOOD available in vending is prepared for you in our commissary. It is stocked daily in the machines at your facility. We are proud of the fact that we were the first NCDA inspected commissary facility in North Carolina. You are always welcome to visit our commissary and see your food being made with the highest quality ingredients and care in the industry. And, because you care about the quality of your food, the latest sanitation score is posted right here on our site for you to see.

First in Service

The best and fastest SERVICE is given to 1st Choice customers. Whether its Catering, Cafeteria Operations, or Vending, service to you is something we take seriously. Our machines are equipped with SureVend to prevent jams and guarantee product delivery. Nevertheless, when mechanical problems arise, 1st Choice staff will respond to resolve the issue within the hour. In fact, it is more likely that a member of our team is already on site, because, we're stocking your operation with fresh food daily.

First in People

With over 200 years of combined food service and vending experience, our PEOPLE are the heart and soul of 1st Choice Food Service. We think you'll agree. The highest quality food and service is delivered to you with smiles and great attitudes that are contagious. Yes, we have some characters on our team, not the least of which include the president and our two vice presidents (the three amigos). And it's not at all uncommon to see these characters at your facility, because they care about your dining experience.